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Qwik-Fence® Galvanized Welded Wire Partitions


Qwik Fence sliding door, photo


Panels bolt together horizontally and bolt to posts vertically. Posts anchor to the floor on 8' centers and brackets attach to center span of panels and floor on 4' centers. Panel hardware accessible from inside of partition for added security. All hardware is included.

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Qwik Fence Gate, photo

Easy to Plan... Simple to Install

We've taken the hassle out of planning wire partitions. Panel sizes are limited to four sizes to simplify Qwik Fence® layouts. Panels easily attach to each other without the need for specialized tools. Wide choice of doors and post heights make planning a breeze!

Unlike woven panels that unravel when cut, welded panels can be trimmed in the field to accommodate pipes, or other irregularities on site. Field adjustments look factory perfect. No paint touch-ups are ever needed.

Plan a Qwik Fence® Installation

The basic Qwik Fence partition is 8' high, using 8' x 4' wire panels "stacked" 2 high, tek screwed to a corner post (item #P8). The available wall kit (item #WK) is normally used where the partition meets an existing wall, but a post can also be used in this location.

  • Make a sketch of the planned enclosure. Measure accurately and include dimensions on sketch.
  • Determine the location, size and type of door desired. Use standard size hinged or sliding doors. When panel heights are 10' or 12' high, use a transom kit above the door.
  • Panels stack atop each other to attain height desired. Posts are 8' high with 1', 2', 3' and 4' extensions available.
  • Posts must be used on each side of panels, on both sides of doors and at corners. Attach panels to a wall with a wall kit.
  • Panel lengths less than 8' are easily trimmed and attached to posts on site.

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Qwik Fence® panels are made of 8 gauge steel 1 1/2" x 3" welded wire with 1" bend around long side for rigidity. Posts are heavy duty 2" x 2" x 14 gauge welded to 7" x 2" x 1/4" thick plate. Galvanized finish.

Independent laboratory tests show that Qwik Fence® 8 gauge welded wire grids survived 1475 lbs. of pressure, more than popular 10 gauge woven wire panels tested.

Manufactured under U.S. Patent #5,379,564.

Qwik Fence Standard Partition Panels
Part Number Description Weight
8' x 4' Panel 29 lbs
8' x 3' Panel 23 lbs
8' x 2' Panel 16 lbs
8' x 1' Panel 9 lbs
8' Post 20 lbs
Qwik Fence Posts
Part Number Description Weight
1' Post Extension 4 lbs
2' Post Extension 6 lbs
3' Post Extension 8 lbs
4' Post Extension 10 lbs

Qwik Fence Additional Components
Part Number Description Weight
Ceiling Wall Angle 8' 12 lbs
Wall Kit 15 lbs
Service Window Kit 80 lbs
Transom Kit 20 lbs
Transom Kit 30 lbs
Part Number Description Weight
Ceiling T-Kit 6 lbs
Qwk Roof Tube
Roof Support Tube 60 lbs
Wir Cutr
Wire Cutter --