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Planning A Woven Wire Partitioning System

Woven Wire Room, photo
Standard components are combined to fit virtually every imaginable space.

Plan the system yourself,
or call us

with the enclosure dimensions.

We'll have a plan and a quotation back to you in no time without cost or obligation.

Woven Wire Room, photo
Planning a Woven Wire Fencing Enclosure Couldn't Be Easier
  • Make a sketch of the area to be enclosed. Note all dimensions.
  • When determining partition height, use one of the stock heights: 7', 8', 10' or 12'.
  • Use standard width Panels and Doors. 5' Wide Panels are the most economical.
  • When a partition is to be installed between two walls, consider using an Adjustable Panel rather than ordering one with a special width. Adjustable Panels can be cut and adjusted from 2" to 13" wide.
  • Indicate doors and service window panels desired on the drawing.
  • Use a line post approximately every 15'.
  • Use a 90 corner post or adjustable corner post at all corners.
  • Order a wall clamp kit for each partition where it connects to a wall.
    All other standard installation hardware is included.
  • Full size details available upon request.
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