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L O A D E X    E L E V A T I N G    D O C K S

Kelley Atlantic LOADEX Elevating Docks are the leading choice of knowledgeable buyers seeking to service wide varieties of trailer heights. From critically placed stress relieving bearings and high capacity cam follower rollers to comprehensive safety features, the benefits of LOADEX lift products are clear. Offered at competitive prices and backed by a solid 1/5/10 year warranty, more companies are choosing LOADEX everyday.

Superior Construction and Design


  • Standard 18" non-slip checker plate lip with piano hinge and corrosion resistant lifting chains
  • Non-slip checker plate platform supported by high strength tubular structural steel under structure and complete with beveled toe guards and back and yellow safety striping
  • 3/4" think solid steel scissor legs
  • Stress relieving spherical bearings on cylinder bottoms and center studs of scissor legs
  • High quality hydraulic cylinders and rams feature maintenance free Oilite bushings at rod ends, self-aligning spherical bearings on cylinder bottoms, and velocity fuses standard
  • High dynamic capacity cam follower rollers on scissor leg bottoms provide superior performance and durability
  • Integral maintenance stand
  • Two 42" high hand rails with choice of fixed or stake pocket mounting, 4" high kickplate and safety chains across open ends
  • User friendly controls consist of Nema 4 push button station on 15ft of Type SJO coil cord, Nema 12 dust and oil tight enclosure, and a 24 volt secondary control circuit
  • Heavy Duty Power Unit features submerged gear pump assembly, single valve block manifold complete with pressure relief check valve and 24 volt poppet valve
  • Extra large 15 gallon sealed oil reservoir complete with oil




  • Hydraulic Roll Off Stop - Hydraulically activated curb which helps prevent a lift truck from rolling off the end of the table
  • Perimeter Safety Stop - Tubular bar type construction which immediately stops travel of lift table through an electrical limit switch if any obstruction contacts the bar
  • Roller Curtain - Extra Heavy vinyl coated nylon curtain available on any or all sides for additional safety
  • Special Lips - Lips may be constructed from steel or aluminum in many sizes and may be spring assisted for heavier lips, or with lip post and roller design for automatic extension and retraction
  • Additional Controls - In motion lights and beeper, upper travel limits, flanged fused disconnects, quick disconnect, emergency stops, keyed ON/OFF switches are available options
  • Special sizes and capacities available on request




  • Capacities - 4,000lb 5,000lb 6,000lb 8,000lb
  • Platform Size Range - 48" x 84" to 96" x 144"




  • Capacities - 10,000lb and 12,000lb
  • Platform Size Range - 72" x 96" to 96" x 192"




  • Capacities - 15,000lb and 20,000lb
  • Platform Size Range - 72" x 96" to 96" x 192"


Kelley Atlantic Ltd. Expressly warrants LOADEX Elevating Docks for a period of one year from date of acceptance by the purchaser provided the purchaser installs, maintains, and operates the product in accordance with factory recommended procedures. In addition to this standard warranty, Kelley Atlantic offers a limited guarantee of five years on hydraulic cylinders, electric motor, pump, hoses, cam followers, and bearings and a limited guarantee of 10 years on the structure.