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S L   D O C K L E V E L E R

Kelley's SENTRY LIP dockleveler prevents forklifts from accidentally driving off the loading dock.




  • Fully hydraulic operation with independent Lip extension and E-stop lock up button.
  • 6" Sentry Lip provides a safety barrier to help prevent accidental roll off.
  • 4" diameter ramp cylinder with Kelley's low maintenance regenerative hydraulics provide the fewest parts of any dockleveler hydraulic system.
  • Kelley Atlantic's unique fall safe system limits platform free fall to 1".
  • Fully welded continuous rear hinge assembly -- no pinch points.
  • Full operating range toe guards with safety striping.
  • Integral maintenance strut holds ramp and lip in raised position for service or cleaning.
  • Includes two heavy-duty dock bumpers.
  • Self-cleaning lug-type lip hinge.


Architectural Specifications (Short Form)

Adjustable docklevelers to be Kelley Atlantic Model ______________. ______long by______wide, (45,000 lbs.) (50,000 lbs.) (60,000 lbs.) (80,000 lbs.) capacity per ANSI MH14.1-1987. To be hydraulic operation with shielded heavy-duty pushbutton N.E.M.A. 12 Control Station. (115V-1) (208V-3) (230V-3) (460V-3) (575V-3). Sentry Lip to extend hydraulically when dockleveler is fully raised, or independantly controlled by extend button. When the dockleveler is in the parked position or below dock, the 6" Sentry Lip barrier will help reduce accidental roll-off. Sentry Lip dockleveler to be complete packaged unit including unitized motor and pump assembly. To provide maintenance strut, full operating range toe guards with safety striping and two heavy duty dock bumpers. Meets ANSI MH14.1-1987 standards and C.S. 202-56 standards.


Width  Length  45,000 50,000 60,000 80,000
6' 8' SL6458  SL658  SL668  SL688 
6' 10' SL6450 SL650 SL660 SL680
7' 8' SL7458 SL758 SL768 SL788
7' 10' SL7450 SL750 SL760 SL780

All models also available in 6' 6" width.
Consult factory.

Consistent with our policy of continuing product improvement, we reserve the right to change these specifications without notice or obligation.


Dockleveler rises when pushbutton is activated and held.
Sentry Lip section hydraulically extends as ramp reaches top of travel.
Independent lip extension allows Sentry Lip to extend any time during upward movement of ramp.
Emergency stop button arrests movement of ramp.
Button is released. Ramp and lip lower to truck bed. Dockleveler is ready for use.
Dockleveler to be stored prior to truck departure.
In stored position, dockleveler is fully supported at dock level.
Ramp may be lowered to fully supported below dock position, without fully extending lip, to service low trucks with end load.

Working (Service) Range

24", 12" above dock to 12" below.


The unitized ramp and 6" high Sentry Lip to be constructed of non-slip 50,000 psi checker plate.
The lug type lip hinge is constructed of solid 50,000 psi steel with a plated hardened steel rod.
The fully welded frame has a fixed rear piano hinge design with a plated hardened steel rod.
The fixed rear hinge allows the deck to tilt up to 4" side-to-side without forming a rear gap.
Hydraulic cylinders are constructed of heavy wall tube, chrome shift and low friction seals.
Kelly Atlantic's unique fall safe system eliminates reliance on field installed bolts and welds to operate safely.
The 4" hydraulic ramp cylinder has a tamper proof internal fall safe velocity fuse.
Integral power unit is installed and tested in the dockleveler.

Optional Features

Foam insulated ramp.
Abrasive skid-resistant ramp & lip surface.
Galvanized (spray metalized) ramp, lip and frame to resist corrosion.
Explosion-proof electrical controls. Consult factory for class, division and group.
Smooth plate deck and lip.
Dockleveler to automatically return to stored position.

Electrical Characteristics

Motor: 1 hp T.E.N.V. with thermal overload.
Control Panel: N.E.M.A. 12 Enclosure with a magnetic motor starter, shielded push button controls and operation instructions on the cover.


Auto-Chock truck restraining system.
Truk Stop truck restraining system.
Truk Alert illuminated loading dock communications package.
Curb angle sets.