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S E N T R Y ™    S A F E T Y    G A T E


The SENTRY SAFETY™ GATE is a different kind of Kelley dock safety product, designed primarily to prevent lift trucks and pedestrians from falling off of loading docks when there is no loading activity. Like other Kelley safety products, they offer both high performance and low operating cost.

Summary of Features

  • Prevents equipment and personnel from accidentally falling from the loading dock.
  • Simple, manual operation.
  • Compatible with virtually any dockleveler equipment.
  • No scheduled maintenance
  • Protects loading dock door; reduces door maintenance costs.

Architectural Specifications (Short Form)

SENTRY Safety Gate to provide bollard protection to the loading dock door, overhead door track assembly, jambs, and header. Unit to provide runoff barrier to help prevent powered forklifts and personnel from accidentally falling from the loading dock when gate is in latched position. SENTRY Safety Gate to be counterweighted to float to its maximum height when latch mechanism is released. Unit to be stored by pulling corssbar tether down until crossbar latches. Crossbar to have solid, molded rubber "D" bumper mounted to its face. Unit to be anchored to floor with Kelley anchors. Unit to provide protection for a door 7' to 10' wide by 8', 9' or 10' high.


A truck is backed into position against the dock bumpers. Brakes are set.
The dock attendant releases the latch on the SENTRY Safety Gate.
Assisted by a counterweight, the gate floats upward.
Loading/unloading proceeds.
When loading/unloading is completed, the dock attendant manually lowers the gate until the latch automatically secures gate in place.