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T U F S E A L    D S S - W M    S E R I E S

The DSS-WM Series is designed to move vertically with air ride suspension trailers and withstand abusive yard-jockey applications at the busiest loading docks.

Summary of Features

  • Innovative two piece moveable head pad and wear pleat system that reduces abrasive wear on the face of the side pads and head pad.
  • All framing is roll formed galvanized steel which reduces the amount of pressure on the building wall.
  • Includes full wide head pad wear face and full length 4" exposure wear pleats made of Tufseal's exclusive TS-55 super fabric.
  • All fabrics including the urethane coated base fabric are attached to the framing with TEK screws inserted through load spreading washers for superior mounting strength.
  • All units also include full length guide stripes and inside bottom flaps.


Architectural Specifications (Short Form)

DSS-WM - Foam dock seals shall be DSS-WM Series as manufactured by Kelley Tufseal, W183 S8253 Racine Ave., Muskego, WI 53150, to fit door opening ______" wide by ______" high. The base cover fabric shall be 25 oz. polyurethane and black in color. The wear pleat fabric shall be TS-55 and black in color. Wear pleat exposure shall be WP4 (4" exposure) and all pleats shall be sewn to a sliding wear face of 25 oz. polyurethane. The full width wear face on the head pad shall be TS -55 super fabric and shall be black in color. This unit shall include a two piece compressible foam head pad that moves vertically with trailers.


The DS Series is used at facilities that require the most complete seal available and are not concerned with infringement into the trailer opening. These models are the most commonly used in the industry. These units can be used on doors that are (9) nine foot wide or less.