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Vanguard Lockers

Vanguard Double Row Locker with Sloped TopsPenco has been building lockers for decades that last for decades, and the Vanguard line is the embodiment of what it takes to withstand the daily use typically given to a locker.

What you see first is the baked enamel finish, which is applied over a phosphatized smooth steel surface. There are 20 standard colors from which to choose, with body parts painted to match the doors.

Die-cast Vanguard Locker HandleSingle and double tier lockers have multi-point latching that makes opening and closing a door an effortless task. The patented die-cast Vanguard handle pulls out with a simple motion for opening. When you are ready to close the door, you may do so with one motion of one hand, since the spring-loaded latch clips will secure the door even while the door is locked, either with a built-in lock or padlock.

Box locker doors have a functional friction catch that permits the use of built-in locks or padlocks. All latch hooks have noise-reducing rubber bumpers.

The door frames have mortise and tenon construction and are securely spot welded for lifetime rigidity. Every door has a vertical flange which creates a continuous door strike. All hinges are full loop, 5 -knuckle design, welded to the frame, and riveted to the door.

These features, available across the broad range of models and sizes, make Vanguard the first choice for many locker users.

Most Vanguard lockers are available on a Quick Ship basis, unit-packaged with flat tops and 6" legs in the 028 gray finish. Contact your Penco representative for details.

 Single Tier Vanguard Locker  Single Tier

The most popular and widely used locker offers maximum space for full hanging of clothing and other belongings. Each locker has a convenient shelf for storage of books, hats or other small articles. Lockers 18" deep or more come with a coat rod in addition to coat hooks

 Double Tier

Accommodates twice as many people as single tier lockers in the same floor space, while still providing enough room for light outer wear and personal belongings.

 Double Tier Vanguard Locker

 Multi-Tier Lockers  Multiple Tier Box Lockers

Also known as "box lockers" for thier compact dimensions, Penco multiple tier lockers allow numerous users in the smallest amount of floor space. They are available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 tier configurations. These lockers are ideal for storage of athletic gear or employee personal storage. Each compartment can be locked with padlocks or built-in locks.

 2 Person Lockers

A space saving model that has ample room for two people while occupying about the same space as a single tier locker. These lockers have the advantage of a full width book compartment doors. Coat rods are included in lockers 18" deep or more.

7 & 8 Person Lockers

These efficient lockers are ideal for multiple user situations such as school gymnasium locker rooms. The box compartments (18"w x 12"h) are for permanent storage of athletic gear. When a user is present, the large locker (18"w x 60"h) is used for street clothes.

Dual Lockers

A dual locker is a single tier locker with a vertical partition separating the bottom into two compartments. It is ideally suited for situations where street clothes and work clothes are to be kept apart. It is generally used with lockers 15" or 18" wide and 18" or 21" deep. Guardian and Invincible II lockers can also be supplied as dual lockers.

Box Over Lockers

Provides for independent lockable storage above the main single tier locker. This is a 72" door frame with a 60" high standard Vanguard Door.

The Executive Locker

The Executive is a custom-outfitted 24" wide locker which offers such optional personal amenities as multiple storage shelves, lockable inner storage compartment, and combination comb and brush tray with towel bar. Shown with double door construction.

It is especially appropriate for country clubs. Other accessories available include golf ball tray, acrylic mirror and name card holder.

Wall Mounted Locker with Coat Rod

A practical storage unit where space is at a premium. Four private compartments with a hanging area for 16 coats. When wall mounted, the floor below is kept clear for easy cleaning (wall anchors are not included). This locker can also be set on counters or cabinets (without coat rod).

16 Person Locker

Accommodates 16 users in only 69" of floor space. Includes a 45" wide coat rod. Ideal for employee lockers. Accepts built-in locks or padlocks.

One High Box Locker

This individual one high box locker provides storage for personal items and features standard box locker construction with internal friction catch. Actual overall height is 13-5/8".

Handicap Lockers

Single Tier or the lower openings of Double Tier lockers can be configured to meet the requirements of physically challenged users. The doors must be equipped with recessed handles. The locker bottom must be a minimum of 9" from the floor.

Also, for 60" or 72" high Single Tier lockers, the hat shelf must be positioned no higher than 48" from the floor.