Legitronic 56 Series Impact Label Printer

The wide-web printing capabilities of Weber's 56 Series impact label printer permit the high-speed production of large pressure-sensitive labels, as well as smaller labels in multi-across configurations.

This advanced, impact line matrix printer accommodates fanfolded labels up to 16.0" wide and 22.0" long, with a versatile print width of 13.2". Ideal for both high- and low-volume applications, the 56 Series provides continuous printing at a rate of up to 475 lines per minute.

The unit operates with both DOS and Windows versions of Weber's exclusive Legitronic labeling software, which incorporate WYSIWYG features to simplify the label formatting and editing tasks. With the high-resolution printing capabilities of 60 x 72 dots per inch, the 56 Series can produce variable-sized text ranging from 0.1" to 9.9" tall. All popular bar codes, plus graphic images, can be printed as well.

To complete the on-site labeling system, Weber manufactures a wide variety of custom pressure-sensitive label materials that satisfy numerous labeling applications in industries across the board. Weber also supplies compatible impact printer ribbons to ensure excellent results.

Printer Specifications