Weber PolyTags

The Tag In FasTagger

The FasTagger performs best when using Weber’s specially-designed PolyTags. This
material easily accepts thermal-transfer imprinting, resulting in clear information and high-density UPC bar codes. PolyTags are a cost-effective alternative to conventional polystyrene tags, which are brittle and less receptive to thermal-transfer imprinting.

Best of all, PolyTags last. They are imprinted with a specially-formulated PolyTag ribbon, which provides outstanding print quality that resists fading and abrasion caused by ultraviolet light and weather exposure commonly found in mill, treater and home center environments. They're durable enough to discourage tearing, yet flexible enough to be stapled.

The PolyTag material is compatible with Weber’s line of Legitronic® label printing equipment. Or we can preprint your PolyTags with warranty and product information on both sides of the tag. We can also imprint bar codes for you through our ECLIPSE Service Bureau. Your order can be imprinted and shipped to you in one week.

Tag-Mate is Weber's special PolyTag construction that was designed to help companies comply with the EPA's labeling initiative for CCA-treated wood. Actually two tags in one, Tag-Mate has ample space for pre-printed EPA requirements, product desription, bar code, logo, and more.

Of course, the .875" x 2.75" Tag-Mate can be applied using Weber's FasTagger.

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