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Patented DeckLock System For Vertical Conveyors Locks In Safety At Every Level

Eliminates unsafe conditions during loading and unloading of vertical lifts. Prevents misuse of vertical lift.

Automatically locks the vertical lift carriage at critical upper levels and eliminates carriage creep, bounce or drop.

Provides 3:1 extra load capacity on two-post vertical lifts and 2:1 extra capacity on four-post vertical lifts.

Protects men, materials and machines by eliminating potential accidents caused by carriage creep or drop.

Offers added assurance for safe loading and unloading with a forklift.

Ensures that pallet jacks and hand trucks can load/unload smoothly, easily and safely.

Prevents uncontrolled descent in the case of extra weight during loading/unloading operations.

Carriage must be raised slightly to disengage DeckLocks. If lift is overloaded, carriage is prevented from lifting off the DeckLocks and safe support is maintained.

Simple, reliable, mechanical operation is standard. Pneumatic operation provided for multi-level applications.

Exclusive safety system available only on Pflow Vertical Lifts.


Vertical lift with DeckLock System
High capacity DeckLocks automatically extend to lock the vertical lift carriage into place at critical upper levels. DeckLock is an exclusive safety system that prevents carriage creep, bounce or drop.

Vertical lift without DeckLock System
When a forklift is fully loaded, 80% of the weight rests on the front wheels. If this weight exceeds the rated capacity of the vertical lift, a potential drop in the carriage will occur.