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Quality, Code-Approved VRC Safety Gates & Enclosures

Provide maximum safety protection for VRC (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor) installations. Heavy 3" x 4" vertical posts, offered only by Pflow, are more durable, won't bend on impact and ensure smooth, trouble-free operation. Expanded metal panels are more resistant to damage than woven panels, easier to repair.

All gates are equipped with electro-mechanical interlocks and available in custom sizes.

Vertical acting gates are available in single and bi-panel models. Designed to save space, don't intrude into aisles, and are not easily damaged. Bi-panel models, with telescoping panels, offer the most space-efficient protection and require significantly less overhead clearance.

Non-binding UHMW sliding guides on vertical acting gates tolerate misaligned posts better than roller guides and are more resistant to damage. Chain is used instead of cable for greater strength and durability.

Vertical acting gates are counterbalanced with an exclusive cross-shaft design. This ensures the gate remains constantly level when raised from either the right side, left side or center.

Single or bi-parting swing gates and sliding gates are offered in a variety of widths. Tubular construction on swing gates allows for oversized gates to 7' width maximum.

Enclosure panels are made of 8' high expanded metal. Standard panels are 1' to 5' wide and painted to match VRC. All mounting hardware is included. Nonstandard sizes, custom finishes and galvanized panels available on request.

Accessories For An Exact Fit
Pflow Safety Gates & Enclosures can be equipped with a variety of accessories to fit your application. These include filler panels, inside and outside angles, wall fasteners, stiffeners and mounting hardware. Power operators are available on vertical and sliding gates.

Variety Of Gate Interlocks
Pflow offers a wide variety of safety gate interlocks to meet your exact application requirements (including environmental and explosion proof). Interlocks prevent the gate from being opened unless the carriage is at a designated level and also prevent carriage movement if the gate is not fully closed and locked.

Safety Requirements
Pflow installation crews are skilled in applying all safety devices in accordance with OSHA, ANSI/ASME B20.1 and all state and federal laws. We will not allow installation of our equipment unless the following guarding is provided:

All sides of the unit not used for loading or unloading must be protected by enclosures a minimum of 8' high and capable of rejecting a ball 2" in diameter at each level. If attached to the edge of a mezzanine or balcony, only minimal enclosure is required because the equipment is guarded by location.

In a manual loading application, each unit must be equipped with a safety gate which is electrically and mechanically interlocked with the carriage movement. To protect workers from exposure to moving machinery, gates must be a minimum of 6' high at the lower and intermediate levels and 4' high at the upper level.


Any combination of shaftways, walls or permanent enclosures which provides equivalent protection is acceptable. Fire doors, acoustic doors, finish doors, etc., are acceptable if they are provided with appropriate interlocks.

Fire Code Requirements: If a floor is penetrated, your insurance company or local fire authorities should be contacted to determine if a fire-rated enclosure is required.

Each application should be reviewed for adherence to all codes.


Vertical Acting Gates
Vertical Acting Gates provide ease and safety in loading and unloading of Pflow VRC's. Standard clearance permits passage of full 7' high loads. A 72" high vertical acting gate is recommended at all levels except the top level where a 48" high gate is recommended.

Overhead clearance required for vertical acting gates:
11'6" for 48" high single panel
10' for 48" high bi-panel
13'6" for 72" high single panel
11' for 72" high bi-panel


Swing Gates
Single and bi-parting swing gates are available in a variety of widths. Equipped with 7'8" post heights that permit passage of full 7' high loads. Maximum single-panel width is 7'. Bi-parting swing gates save space using smaller panels and come in standard sizes to 12' wide overall. Both types are available in custom sizes.


Sliding Gates
Sliding gates conserve space and are supplied with overhead track and 7'8" high support posts to permit passage of full 7' high loads. The maximum standard width is 11' overall. Custom sizes available.


Pflow provides enclosure panels fabricated of expanded metal and structural angle in 1' increments up to 5' in width. Supplied with appropriate mounting hardware and painted to match the VRC.