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Pflow Safety Barrier Adds A New Level Of Safety, Helps Prevent Accidental Injuries.

Provides an extra measure of protection to Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC) by acting as a backup system to standard safety gates and doors.

Installs directly to your Vertical Lift - behind the lift safety gate or door.

Automatically closes off upper level openings when the carriage is not present.

Raises completely out-of-the-way for loading or unloading of the carriage. Lowers back into position when carriage is lowered.

Guards against open shafts and potential employee injury.

Assures backup protection if the Vertical Lift safety gate or door interlock system is damaged or malfunctions.

Fully Automatic - requires no controls or complicated mechanisms.

Offers added assurance for safe operation of your Vertical Lift.

Highly recommended for use with opaque doors or with gates installed in poorly lighted areas.


















Safety Bars are in position at upper level opening as the Vertical Lift carriage is raised from a lower level.

As carriage raises, it moves the Safety Bars up automatically (lower bar is raised to the upper bar level).

When carriage is in position at upper level opening, both Safety Bars are at the highest position, completely out-of-the-way. When carriage is lowered again, the bars automatically are lowered into position to close off upper level opening.