Definitely. Kardex® pioneered vertical technology in Marietta, Ohio,
and now boasts thousands of installations worldwide.

Electronic Controls are easily 
accessible from the front and 
are equipped with EMI filters 
for protection against static.

Included at no additional charge,
the built-in fluorescent lighting
system is activated automatically
when the "On" key is pressed.

A redundant safety system of upper
and lower infrared beams and upper
and lower mechanical safety bars
prevents damage to stored items.
Safety beams are tested and verified
each time the machine is turned on.

Optional powered door can be set to
open automatically when the unit is started.

A key lock is standard on both
powered and pull down doors.

The system moves directly to the
selected carrier when started, with 
no cycling or installation time required.

Lektriever 2000™ is available in heights
of 8', 9', 10', 11' and 12' and in widths
of 47", 77", 102", 116" and 130".
	Lektrievers exclusive operator console
	is the only standard-priced control
	system in the industry offering a
	two line informational display. When
	interfaced with a PC, the display 
	identifies the next file or item to 
	be removed or replaced.
	When any of the safety systems are
	activated causing the machine to stop,
	the console displays a text message
	identifying the safety breach.
	Unlike other systems in which
	imbalance occurs without warning
	Lektriever prevents the possibility of
	carrier imbalance by providing text
	and audible warnings when the unit
	reaches 80% of capacity. The console
	will automatically display the range of
	carriers requiring weight adjustment.