Pallet Identification Options and Accessories
A variety of options and accessories are available for ORBIS pallets to increase their efficiency and flexibility. Many of the identification options facilitate the use of bar code scanning in today's automated warehousing systems.

Please Note: Not all options and accessories are applicable for all products. Please contact your ORBIS Sales Representative for details about availability, minimum order quantities, lead times and set-up charges.


Pallet Identification Options:


Molded-In Logo Identification is a type of permanent identification that is molded into the pallet or top cap during production. Original artwork must be supplied to ORBIS at the time of the order. Availability, requirement and location for the molded-in identification can vary for each pallet.
Hot Stamp Identification utilizes 1" block capital letters in a predefined area on the pallet or top cap. Hot stamp identification is not available for ORBIS thermoformed (HMWPE) pallets. Availability, requirement and location for the hot stamp can vary for each pallet.
Identification Plates are rigid plastic plates with adhesive backing that affix securely to your pallet. These plates are designed for durability and a long service life. All ORBIS pallets can accommodate identification plates. Availability, requirement and location of the identification plates can vary for each pallet.
Vinyl Labels are flexible plastic labels with adhesive backing that affix securely to your pallet. These long lasting labels are for use on all ORBIS thermoformed (HMWPE) pallets. Availability, requirement and location for the vinyl labels can vary for each pallet.
Custom Color Striping is available on most thermoformed pallets and thermoformed OPTE Pallets to provide a unique identification alternative. Standard stripe widths are two and four inches. Stripe color must be specified at the time of the order and requires minimum order quantities.
Pallet Accessories:
Rubber Grommets are placed in pre-determined areas on the pallet deck, fork tine area or feet of selected ORBIS pallets to stabilize a unit load and guard against load shifting by providing a non-skid surface. Available on 40" x 48" rackable pallets and 40" x 48" Structural Channel pallets. Clear Anti-Skid Disks are also available for many pallet styles. Stocked Colors: Deck Grommets - Beige; Foot Grommets - Beige; Fork Tine Grommets - Beige; and OP Grommets - Grey
Deck Inserts and Leg Covers quickly and easily snap into the pallet to cover the leg hole openings. These inserts prevent interference with small loads, conveyor systems, and other material handling equipment. Note: Pallets will not nest after inserts have been installed. Available on the 45 x 48-A pallet and nestable and stackable 48" x 48" and 48" x 72" structural foam pallets. Stocked Color: Black
Seat Belt Assemblies attach to the pallet and top cap to effectively secure pallet loads. The innovative 60" seat belt accommodates high stack loads and will not twist, tangle or jam. The short lock zone provides a secure fit on short stack heights. The easy grab tongue loop prevents the belt from retracting into the pallet. Available on various 30" x 36", 40" x 48" and 45" x 48" pallets. Stocked Color: Black
Sign Post and Holder is a nine-position sign-post holding system that snaps easily into place on point-of-purchase display bases to create a versatile in-store fixture and marketing tool. Available on ORBIS P.O.P. Display Bases.
Non-Skid Diamond Pattern Surface is available on selected pallets to prevent product slippage during storage and transport.
Nominal specifications subject to change without notice. Product performance characteristics vary with application.