W.A. Schmidt's SpaceLoft custom widespan structural steel mezzanines are an affordable alternative to the high cost of traditional construction. SpaceLoft mezzanines are ideal for storage, work, and machine platforms or as in integral part of a complete material handling system.

Increase your floorspace easily and affordably with Schmidt Mezzanines
  • Custom-designed, free-standing or system-integrated configuration
  • Free engineering design
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Fast quotes
  • Distributors throughout the U.S.
  • Fast, on-time delivery
  • Leasing plans available
  • Free project assistance from concept to completion
  • Less costly than new construction

  • Engineered for maximum span with minimum obstruction
  • All-structural design ensures stable installation
  • Max deflection L/300 or better
  • Designed to AISC specifications
  • Simple nut-and-bolt assembly speeds installation
  • Easy-to-use quote sheet simplifies customers specs.
Spaceloft Widespan Mezzanines:
Custom designed for your storage needs
  • Custom-engineered for any application
  • Structural steel construction
  • Exceed OSHA safety standards
  • Variety of decking materials available
  • Stairs, gates and vertical lifts available

Open Stairs

Closed Stairs

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