The easy and efficient way to expand.

With high-strength widespan mezzanines from W.A. Schmidt, it's easier than ever to increase your floorspace. Our ExpandaLoft modular system allows you to select the ideal size from your application and to expand efficiently as your needs change.
ExpandaLoft systems are remarkably easy to assemble. With our fast delivery and simple nut-and-bolt assembly, you can have an ExpandaLoft modular unit installed before you've even decided how to use all that extra space.
Choose from a wide variety of sizes, heights, and deck materials. Staircases can be installed at any convenient location.


Expandaloft™ modular mezzanines are constructed from tough structural steel for durability and are designed for easy installation and expandability. Nine standard sizes offer flexibility to create larger and unusual configurations for virtually any requirements including mezzanine storage platforms, machine and work platforms, or in-plant offices

Tough Construction
Designed in accordance with AISC standards, the ExpandaLoft system can handle loads of up to 150 pounds per square foot with a deflection factor of less than 1/300th of span.
We use structural steel columns, beams, and connections to maximize strength and rigidity.


Structural materials information

  • Columns are 5" x 5" (min.) structural steel tube.
  • 3/4" thick baseplates are 8" x 8" (min.) structural steel.
  • All connections use ASTM A325 bolts.
  • Easy-to-install safety rails are made of square tubing painted safety yellow.
  • All framing members are 10" hot rolled beams and channels.

For integral strength and ease of installation, the ExpandaLoft system includes a special nut-and-bolt assembly design.
Our modular units can be installed in a matter of hours with no special training; many who've selected ExpandaLoft systems choose to use their own personnel for installatlion.
Additional units can be attached at convenient locations to meet your future needs.


Modular versatility
ExpndaLoft units are available in a variety of standard sizes to suit any requirement.

Unit sizes
8' x 10'
8' x 12'
8' x 14'
12' x 10'
12' x 12'
12' x 14'
16' x 10'
16' x 12'
16' x 14'


Unit Heights
Unlike other modular mezzanines, ExpandaLoft units are available in three standard heights. (Add thickness of deck for total height)
8' floor to top of steel
9' floor to top of steel
10' floor to top of steel


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