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Penco Clipper Shelving is a high quality industrial shelving product with sufficient versatility to handle the simple storage of supplies and inventory up to high rise or multi-level installations. Clipper Shelving is offered in a wide variety of sizes and capacities. It can be assembled in open or closed configurations.  

Hi-Performance® Shelves

Clipper Shelving features the same Hi-Performance Box Beam Shelves as used in Erectomatic® shelving. These are produced on a state-of-the-art production line that begins with a flat steel blank and ends with a completed shelf. For additional strength, flanges of the box beams are welded to the underside of the shelf on 3" centers, shelf corners are lapped and welded and sides are double flanged.

Shelves are available in a wide variety of sizes. All shelves are punched on the face and surface to accept accessories. Shelves are available in three main capacity ranges: Medium, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty. Each shelf comes with four compression shelf clips.

Clipper Posts

Clipper Box Posts - High strength roll formed tubular box section are normally installed at the front of units, and allow utilization of the full width of each shelf. Designed to be used in common between units, or at row ends. Permits vertical shelf adjustment on 1" centers. The flange is punched on 3" centers to accept side sway bracing aor closed side panels.

Offset Angle Posts - Normally used at the rear of units, but can be used at front and rear. Offset recess adds rigidity and allows for independent shelf clip adjustment. End of flanges are punched on 3" centers to accept sway braces or closed panels. All posts are punched on 1" vertical centers for the maximum in shelf adjustability.

Clipper Shelf Clips

At the heart of the Clipper Shelving System is the ingenious Penco Clipper Clip. It is easily installed, holds the shelf tightly against the post and can be repositioned. Since it is a true compression clip, it actually helps make the shelving more rigid. The clip stays in place during assembly to allow pre-clipping the posts for faster installation.

Many accessories are available such as dividers, closed bases, modular drawers, doors and more.

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