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Erectomatic® Shelving

Erectomatic Shelving uses the same Hi-Performance® shelves as Clipper® Shelving, with a post system that includes Beaded Posts in the front and Offset Angle or T-Posts in the rear. For extra heavy duty or high rise applications, Erectomatic Heavy Duty H-Posts are available. Shelves adjust on 1-1/2" vertical centers. A complete assortment of accessories is available.

Along with the box-beam shelf the Erectomatic Hi-Performance Shelving System features Beaded Posts, Angle Posts, T-Posts and Heavy Duty H-Posts, a one piece shelf clip and a complete line of accessories that can be added as your storage requirements change. Together, these high quality shelving components provide safe organized storage that is designed to allow for easy modifications and future expansion to meet your changing needs.


Hi-Performance Shelves

Manufactured from high strength steel, front and rear flanges are formed into a tubular box shape and welded to the underside of the shelf on 3" centers for superior strength. Shelf corners are lapped and welded and sides are double flanged. A special design feature keeps clips snug against the shelf regardless of shelf class. Available in four load capacity classes. Sizes up to 48" wide and 36" deep. Shelves are punched to accept accessories such as dividers, label holders, bin fronts and base strips. For use with all Erectomatic posts. Can be independently installed or re-positioned using four one-piece compression clips.

Erectomatic Beaded Posts

Beaded front and welded together at rear flange for strength. Flush to permit straight-in/straight-out shelf installation or shelf changing. Enables full use of the shelf width for storage. No dead space behind post. Provides easy independent vertical shelf adjustment on 1-1/2" centers. For use in the front of the unit only.

Erectomatic Offset Angle and T-Posts

Primarily used at the rear of the unit, these posts are punched on 1-1/2" centers to allow quick, independent shelf adjustment. T-Posts consist of two angle posts welded together. They are used as common posts between units for faster assembly and fewer parts.

Erectomatic Heavy Duty H-Posts

All the advantages of the Flush Beaded Posts plus more than two times the load- carrying capacity. These heavy duty posts are common to front or rear and can support high rise or high density storage systems using standard Erectomatic components throughout.

Erectomatic One Piece Shelf Clip

A non-intrusive one piece compression clip, designed to secure the shelf to any Erectomatic post without intruding into the area to be devoted to storage. Four clips are provided with each shelf.


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