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L & T Open Shelf Filing System

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Sleek, Attractive Appearance - With no exposed holes on uprights.
Long-Lasting Finish - Baked-on enamel finish will last for years.
Strong Steel Returns - Increases the rigidity of the backstop.
Extra high Dividers - 7 " dividers, adjustable on 2" centers, help to keep folders standing in an upright position.
Thin Profile Shelf Supports - " profile allows close shelf centers for filing, yet handles loads up to 400 lbs.
Contemporary Styling - Shelf covers shelf supports for a clean contemporary look.
Easy Assembly - Shelf supports snap into keyhole slot design on uprights.
Sturdy Shelves - Have double-bend reinforcement on all sides. Choose from 22 or 18 gauge steel.
Numerous Shelving Options - Shelves available with or without divider slots, in three widths and six depths.
Added Support - Back stop snaps into keyhole slots on uprights with shoulder rivets (rather than simple lances) for added stability.
Mezzanine Support - Rigid framework is designed to support mezzanine systems.
Connects to Mobile Track - Optional single rivet shelf supports are pre-punched to attach to mobile file carriages.

Open Shelf Filing

For convenience and easy access and retrieval of files, nothing works better than L&T Open Shelves. By utilizing vertical space rather than floor space, you can file as high as you can reach. And with heights ranging from 40" to 18', Open Shelves provide space savings of up to 60% compared to conventional vertical files, at 1/3 the cost.

Three Times the Storage Space
Conventional four-drawer vertical files need 100 square feet to hold 1500 linear inches of material while the L&T Open Shelf needs only 40 square feet.

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Stockroom Strength, Front Office Appearance

Solid double wall post construction conceals keyhole slots while the overbend design of the shelf lip hides the shelf supports for a clean, contemporary look. Lack of nuts, bolts or sway braces provides for obstacle-free access.

More Visible and Accessible

Extra large 7 " high shelf dividers, adjustable in 2" increments, keep folders upright and easily accessible. Legal, letter or 9" deep shelves, in single or double entry styles, adjust up or down in 1 " increments. A pull out reference shelf provides a convenient workspace.

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