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The Kardex Advantage

Movable shelving can help you dramatically reduce storage space. But when it comes to performance and operating life, all movable systems are not created equal. That's why it pays to insist on Kompakt Movable Shelving from Kardex, the leader in storage and retrieval systems for more than 50 years. Before you invest, compare...

-Double-flanged wheels and self-adjusting pillow block bearings guarantee continuous alignment for smooth, consistent performance day in and day out.

-All wheels are a full five inches in diameter and all are driven to maintain positive tracking and deliver a long, worry-free operating life.

-Full-length drive shafts prevent the racking and friction common with other movable shelving systems.

-Flexible rail system options allow hassle-free installation in new construction, existing structures and even temporary or leased facilities.

-Choose from electronically controlled, mechanical assist and manual systems to meet your specific needs most cost-efficiently.

-Your Kardex dealer will assist your staff in conducting a survey to prove the space/money-saving benefits and payback period of a Kompakt System.






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Installation: police department. Application: case evidence.

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Installation: insurance. Application: bulk storage

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