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The most space efficient, time saving, filing and retrieval shelving system, designed specifically for Kompakt movable carriages.

Kardex has taken the filing and retrieval of high density record storage one effortless step forward with the introduction of the SLIM STACK Modular Shelving System.

The SLIM STACK Modular Shelving System includes several attractive design features beginning with an 18 gauge steel wrapper with welded triangular gussets in each back top corner to provide unsurpassed strength. Shelf and wrapper edges are triple folded and provide full access and use of the 36" shelf width. Full height "U" shaped dividers are welded (fixed) at back and bottom edges and disperse the media weight from one shelf to the next. Shelving tiers are 36"W x 12.16"D x 10"H with a 9 7/8" clear opening. Finish is quality baked enamel. Color is light gray.

However, the Slim stack's claim to fame is its low profile, overall combined carriage with rail and shelving height of just under 77". SLIM STACK allows 23.5% more storage capacity, in a typical 8' high room with a sprinkler system, than other shelving systems on the market.

18 Gauge steel wrapper

18 Gauge full height "U" dividers on 7.2" centers

18 Gauge welded triangular corner reinforcements

Steel-to-Steel interconnect system

7 Pop rivets for secure attachment

9 7/8" Clear height opening

35 7/8" Clear width opening

Optional heavy duty reference shelf

SLIM STACK Specifications

Dimensions = 12.16"D x 10"H x 36"W (OD) 12"D x 9 7/8"H x 35 7/8"W (ID)

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