Wilgard rack protectors provide a simple, inexpensive solution for preventing forklift damage to warehouse rack, protecting your substantial investment. Anchored to the floor, these durable rack protectors withstand forklift truck punishment without affecting the flow pattern of your aisles, helping you to avoid costly repairs and downtime.

Packaged in multiples of six, rack protectors are supplied in Safety Yellow and come in lengths of 48". Extension angles, also available in lengths of 48", can be cut, allowing you to customize your application.




RP48-L 48"

Left side rack protector

RP48-R 48"

Right side rack protector

RP48-EX 48"

Extension Angle

Note: 3/4" anchors needed to anchor rack protectors and angle are not included.


This lighter duty version of our Wilgard Standard Rack Protector is ideal for lighter traffic areas such as:

  • Warehouse Rack Areas

  • Bulk Storage Lockers

  • Mesh Partitions

  • Storage Areas

  • Tool Cribs

  • Shelving Units

Wilgard Rack Protector "Lite" will add an extra measure of protection to your warehouse equipment.





61 lbs. Each

48" Right side rack protector "Lite"


61 lbs. Each

48" Left side rack protector "Lite"


39 lbs. Each

48" Extension angle "Lite"


Features and Benefits
  • Wilgard Rack Protector "Lite" is supplied in Safety Yellow for high visibility.
  • Extension angles, which can be cut at the job site, allow a customized application.
  • Wilgard Rack Protector "Lite" is versatile and easily relocated as your needs change.
  • Wilgard Rack Protector "Lite" is packaged in multiplies of six.
  • Wilgard Rack Protector "Lite" is anchored with three 1/2" x 5" Wedge-BoltsTM (included).
  • Quick and simple installation.

  Position Wilgard Rack Protector "Lite" around warehouse equipment. Drill holes per manufacturer's instructions and anchor with three 1/2" Wedge-BoltsTM (included).