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Corrugated Metal Decking

Strong, durable corrugated metal decking & corrugated steel decks for pallet racking, bulk rack decking, shelving, roofing, mezzanine flooring & rigid containers. Fits any standard rack step beam. Corrugated steel rack decking has easy drop-in installation. No shelf supports required because the corrugations give the rack deck rigidity and strength. Smooth, for easy slide in and out of material. Metal decking is a low cost, high capacity decking solution for record storage, small boxes, totes, furniture, carpet/fabric, barrels, drums and buckets. Rack decks offer a more solid smooth deck surface than wire decking at a lower cost than smooth metal decking. 50% open punch deck or perforated decks with water drainage holes are optional product offerings. Standard and custom engineered sizes and thickness available. Standard b-decks are designed to fit load beams with a 1-1/2" or 1-5/8" step or a shallow 5/8" step. Meets Factory Mutual and National Fire Protection Association fire codes. Corrugated metal decks are replacing wood decks throughout the warehousing industry because they are non- flammable. Corrugated metal decking with perforations or punch deck may reduce insurance rates. Ships in dense bundles for low freight cost. New and used metal decks available. Please call us at 636-561-2882 to discuss your requirements.