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The First Choice in Welded Wire Partitions

Qwik Fence Enclosure, photo

Qwik Fence

Not satisfied with our leadership in woven wire partitioning systems, we sought to improve it; and we have!

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Qwik Fence Gate, photo Using the latest technological advances, we developed welded wire partitions that excel because they are:

Stronger... Surviving 1475 lbs. of pressure in independent laboratory tests!

More Secure... Anchor to the floor every 4 ft. rather than 5 ft. intervals of others.

Won't unravel... like ordinary woven wire when cut or damaged.

Longer lasting... galvanized finished for years of maintenance-free performance.

Aesthetically more pleasing... as attractive in office environments as in production areas.

More economical... a total system that welcomes cost comparisons with woven wire systems.