positive pallet control

HPTS™ is deceptively simple in operation. Pallets of materials are loaded onto the input section of the system. Following a programmed control, the pallet is transferred through a sequence of stages to the output end. The pallets ride on rollers and are moved by a motorized carriage through the system where they are banked at the unload aisle. Once loaded and resupplied, HPTS provides unending, immediate access of product to shipping.



Push-bak Rack...the ultimate in high density, selectivity and rack utilization

System 2000 Drive-in...high density storage with a unique rail design

Structural Drive-in...high density storage using structural channel uprights

Gravity Flow Rack...feeds pallets or cartons to shipping, processing, order picking

Mobile Racks...rack sections move on floor mounted rails to conserve floor space

Very Narrow Aisle...higher density from smaller aisles with 100% selectivity

Double Deep...pallets are stored behind one another in each aisle lane

Horizontal Pallet Load Systems...pallet are loaded onto the input sections of the system.