Rack Damage Control

Ridg-U-Rak has developed and tested for effectiveness, a variety of rack damage control designs. Here are four choices for your consideration:

1. Column Sentry II Reinforcing for standard Ridg-U-Rak high performance design.

 2. Impact Channel Reinforcing for Ridg-U-Tier II rack systems.

3. Double Column for structural rack systems.

4.Slant-Bak or Set-Bak frames isolates the column from aisle traffic without a sacrifice in capacity. These are more costly choices than the three shown above.

The Ultimate Column Reinforcement

Ridg-U-Rak's Column Sentry II reinforcing is a double-thick, double-strength diaphragmed box section that provides exceptional resistance to impact damage of upright rack storage columns.

Column Sentry II reinforcing helps guard against rack failure, collapse, and local buckling; and, at the same time, it increases column load carrying strength.

And that's not all. Column Sentry II reinforcing is compact, thereby saving critical aisle space, it requires no more space than our standard column, and it need be applied only in critical areas subject to impact damage.

No other reinforcing method offers the protection, strength, and economy of Column Sentry II.

 1. Column Sentry II reinforcing creates diaphragmed box section with double-wall thickness and more steel in corners of the upright frame column.

2. Column Sentry II reinforcing can be applied sparingly and where it's needed most - such as lower leg of front upright column. No need for heavy, expensive structural components in areas where damage is unlikely to occur.

High Performance Ridg-U-Rak...sets the performance standard for all other pallet rack designs

Structural Pallet Rak...made from structural steel channel-bolted or slotted connections

Ridg-U-Tier II...compatible with most new or old "tear drop" rack designs

Rack Damage Control...proven methods to reduce accidental lift truck impact damage