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Pflow offers the most complete line of VRCs from mechanical to hydraulic to fully automatic, customized systems. Pflow VRCs are available in capacities from 10 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. with carriages from 30 x 30 in. to 30 x 30 ft., vertical heights from 4 ft. to over 200 ft. and travel speeds to 400 fpm. Pflow lifts meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA regulations. The company provides total engineering, fabrication and installation services and guarantees code approval in every state.  


Pflow hydraulic vertical conveyors provide reliable,economical vertical lifting for mezzanines, balconies and other two-level applications. Pflow hydraulic VRCs offer heavy-duty construction with advanced safety technology and proven reliability. These lifts are available with straddle or cantilever carriages.

Series FM

Series 21

Series D



Pflow mechanical vertical reciprocating conveyors offer versatility and dependability for high-speed and multi-level applications and for moving large, heavy loads. Pflow mechanical VRCs offer durable, heavy-duty construction and maximum flexibility in carriage size, capacity and traffic patterns.

Series DB

Series F

Series M


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Pflow Automated Systems provide an efficient, reliable way to transport materials in an automated manufacturing or warehousing operation. They are custom-fit to your application, ranging from simple two-level applications to sophisticated multi-level, multi-directional systems. Pflow systems provide both vertical and horizontal conveying means.

Fully Automated Systems

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Pflow Industries has the engineering capabilities, experience and technical know-how to solve a myriad of vertical lifting problems. We have designed vertical lifts to move materials that weigh 10 lbs. to over 100,000 lbs...with carriages from 30 x 30 in. to 30 x 30 ft...vertical rise heights from 4' to over 200'. We've built large load working platforms, over and under equipment for assembly lines, hopper transfer systems...just to name a few. If you are faced with a difficult or unusual vertical lifting application, call Pflow. Whatever the size, speed and vertical height your application demands - we'll help you develop the best solution. Vertical lifting is our business.

Special Vertical Lift 

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Each Pflow vertical lift is designed with a variety of safety features that protect men, materials and machines better than any other lifting equipment. Features like spring-loaded safety cams, overtravel protection, safety gates and enclosures that meet or exceed all code requirements. No other manufacturer provides the advanced safety technology you'll get from Pflow Industries.

DeckLock System

Safety Barrier

Gates & Enclosures

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